The road to 50 and Fabulous!

Thanks to Jennifer Probst for reminding me that 50 is going to fabulous! They say age is just a number, and really, it is. But there are some numbers that have either a positive or negative impact.

Or both.

50 for me is one of those numbers. I won’t be 50 for a couple more weeks, but this was my first year as an empty nester as the baby went off to college. My oldest this year will be half my age. Kind of a big deal. Its the tenth anniversary of my very first contract of my very first book.

I don’t feel like the best years are behind, though I must say since I meet and married the love of my life, my life has been pretty rosy. I have a wonderful house, a great husband and spectacular children. Not everyone has been as lucky as I have. So as I approach the 50 and fabulous part of my life, I want everyone to remember that no matter the age, no matter the place in life, a long life is a gift denied to many. Embrace every year with open arms and life each as fabulously as possible.

And here is my new hair. Believe it or not, chopped off 4 inches!

Looking 50 and fabulous, if I do say so myself.

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