When was the last time you ran out of gas? I personally have only run out of gas once. In my very first car. When I was like maybe 18. I didn’t know I was on fumes, stopped somewhere to get something, came out, car wouldn’t start. Out of gas.

However, this is now the SECOND time I have been in a car with the hubby who says, “nah, we can make it home.”

Um, no dear, MY CAR is out of gas 34 miles AFTER the light goes on.  And that’s my car. A nice little Hyundai Sante Fe. That’s another argument we have. To me, my car is a cross over car. My hubby calls it a truck. Again, um, no dear. My last vehicle, a Toyota Sequoia, that was a TRUCK. This? A cross over car. A nice one, but I couldn’t even call it an SUV. But I dirgress.


So, were were out and about last night, stopped at the Dive Bar (great little bar in Jupiter) for happy hour. Had dinner, ran into some friends, then made our way home to which, I noticed the gas light on. I said, “honey, we need to stop and get gas.” He laughed and said, “we can make it home.”

We stopped for ice cream and then at Publix to get milk. I reminded him of the gas situation. He pulled into a gas station, and said, “oh wait, that one down the street is 9 cents cheaper.” I rolled my eyes as he made his way down the street, my car doing that thing it does RIGHT before it runs out of gas. We’re pulling in and before we me it OFF the main road…we run out of gas and we had to get OUT of the car and PUSH to the pump! How many almost 50 year old people do you see pushing their car to the pump?

Best part was we couldn’t actually push it over this little hump to get into the gas station so some strapping young surfer dude took pity on the old farts and came over and pushed. I think he did all the work as we we’re actually running to keep up with the car.

Lesson to hubby…when I say we need gas, its the same as when I say lets ask someone for directions…