Here we go again….

Its been a long time since I was a regular blogger. Lots of changes in my life. All good, but changes none the less. The biggest change has been being a part-time empty nester. I say that because 2 of the 3 kids are still in college, so they tend to come home. Ryan, my youngest boy, is having a great time at Xavier University where he is double majoring in Finance and Economics. The middle boy, Conor, will be graduating from Potsdam this May with a degree in Business. He’s still deciding on entering the workforce or going to Grad school. The oldest, Kelsey, is living the dream as a Peace Corp Volunteer in Madagascar where she is teaching English. Life has been a bit of an adjustment.

I have not published a new book in 5 years. That’s a long time to be away. But I’m back! I’ll do another post about why I haven’t published and where I’m at with my writing in a day or two. I’ve decided to enter my suspense novel, currently titled Residual Memory, in Kindle Scout sometime in April/May. I’m putting the finishing touches on it now and then sending it to an editor.

In the meantime, I will be talking about various topics I’ve covered in the book all while on the road to turning 50! OMG. And its right around the corner. I’ll be 50 on 25 May of this year and this book is kind of a birthday present for me. Its also been a five year process because I’ve had to do some personal digging to get to why this book was so important and why with each time I derailed it, I stepped back and dug deep into why I was writing it. And oddly enough, the reason I thought I was writing it turns out not to be the real reason.

Right  now I’m working on one-liners for the book, which I can do for anyone else but me. That’s the case with many things. Anyway, this is all I got right now. Feel free to comment. Its not quite right yet.

Dr. Matt Montgomery wanted two things in life: a decent career and a and a family. But his wife has big exasperation in her career as a medical researcher working on projects that are more than controversial. When a devastating car accident nearly takes her life, she goes from researcher to patient and becomes the first person to undergo a full brain transplant and its a success. Or so everyone thinks. Matt now has his perfect life. A great job and a wife who wants to start a family. But everything isn’t as perfect as it seems as the host body contains residual memories from its former brain and Matt now stands to loose more than his wife.

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