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#honor #loyalty #empathy #compassion What is the most important element in #friendship

I’ve read a lot of books and have watched a lot of television that deal with friendship and the best qualities a friend can have. The most common one given in the writing world is “A good friend helps you hide the body.” I have always loved that one. That’s loyalty. Personally, I think that is the most important quality a friend could have. But what’s the cost?

So, in Legacy of Betrayal, Rebecca is forced to remain loyal to her father. The consequences are too great if she doesn’t. Of course, that goes bad and she’s forced to run and hide, though still remaining loyal to her father. This is a misguided loyalty. And its not real because loyalty without compassion is empty.

The honorable thing for her to do would actually be to betray her father. Her father is hurting many people on different levels. He’s not a good man. He demands loyalty, but gives only to himself. There is no room for compassion.

Jake, when the story gets really tough, not only will his honor be tested, but so will his empathic side.

This story is starting to develop nicely. I’ve got a PI hired to find his ex-girlfriend who dumped him. Hired by the Rebecca’s mother, who was her father’s first wife and knows more than she’s telling Jake. Jake had looked up to Rebecca’s father, John. But now John is the center of controversy. Files are missing and John is being accused of some pretty horrible crimes against the state. So, where is Rebecca, and why did she run? Was it really to protect her father? Or was it to protect someone else…

Think I’m ready to dive into the story!

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