New Covers…New book!

I’m getting ready to load new covers for my NY State Trooper Series, books one and two. I think I’m pretty set and happy these, but feel free to tell me what you think. In Two Weeks is drastically different, but Dark Water is about the same.

Where I need help is what of these covers below do you like for my Summer Release: FINAL DESTINATION. Not just with cover, but with title. Some of the other options are: THE LOVE LIE, DEADLY SECRETS, THE LAST AFFAIR…and I’m open to suggestions. The premise of the story is Reese has been running from his past for years, moving from town to town and haunted by his mother’s final words to him before he died…he’s not your father and I’m not going to tell you who he is… Patty has been the perfect daughter, even though her mother didn’t want her and her father was devastated when Patty’s mother left them. Patty has vowed never to be with anyone if she doesn’t love them, or they her in return, even if that means having and raising a child on her own. Reese won’t have any child of his not knowing him. Not only do Reese and Patty find themselves in a situation they had both vowed never to be in, a case Reese has been working on gets a little too close to home and his past secrets, even one’s he didn’t know about threaten to take away any chance Reese and Patty might have at being a family.

That could be better, but it does the trick for now.

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