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The Next Romantic Suspense Series: Theme #betrayal and of course #Romance and #Suspense

Two Adirondack chairsI just finished writing Murder in Paradise Bay. The forth book in the NY State Trooper book. With every book I have written in this series, a secondary character screams at me to tell their story. This time its Jake Cameron. PI at large! The NY State Trooper series ran with one of two themes: all you need is right in front of you OR secrets can be deadly, even the ones you didn’t know you were keeping. It’s interesting. The first book and the last book in the series deal with couples who have know each other their entire lives and how they face their changing feelings amongst the chaos of a either a stalker or a murder. The middle two books deals with secrets. One the hero is keeping and one the hero doesn’t know he’s keeping.

The next series will be called the Legacy Series and the first book will be titled Legacy of Betrayal. Our hero, Jake Cameron, is hired to find a missing person. That missing person just happens to be the woman who broke his heart just six weeks earlier. He doesn’t want to take the case. The Dear John letter was enough. The silence worse. See, silence speaks volumes. People don’t understand how silence or ignoring someone can cause more damage than simply being honest. Only Rebecca’s silence isn’t by choice. No. Her father’s legacy of deceit and corruption has forced her to run from everything she held dear and the man she loved. Now her life is filed with lies. Lies that could potentially kill her. Essentially, she had to chose between her father and his world of lies or Jake. She chose the lies because she didn’t think she had a choice and now she’s locked in with now way out…and her father is going to have her killed anyway.

So that’s the story I’m working on now. Hoping to have draft done by next month! In the mean time, sign up for my newsletter and join the Talty Crew! I’ll be giving out free Advanced Reader Copies in October!


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