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The Sound of #Silence speaks volumes…but never assume

I haven’t actually started writing Legacy of Betrayal. I’ve just been working on my characters, getting to know them, etc. I’ve been working on Jake and why he reacts to Rebecca’s silence so strongly. So strongly he simply gives up. Assumes he meant nothing to her, EVER. But we have to dig into his background to understand why. He’d been cut out of someone’s life before. It was done with silence. It had been his own sister. And he wasn’t even sure what had started the fight, only his sister just stopped talking to him. He’d call. He’d write. He’d email. All with a resounding sound of silence. Jake views silence as someone doesn’t care enough to reach out. I tend to agree with Jake. But still, you can’t assume the silence actually has anything to do with you, a lesson Jake learns as he unravels the real story why Rebecca cut him out of her life and why she’s hiding from the world.

I think this is going to be a pretty deep and emotionally tense book. Not that the others weren’t, but there is a darkness in this series. There is a darkness in the Legacy we leave to our children. Our friends and families.

Words are very powerful. Silence is even more powerful than that. Food for thought…

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